Senior Contract


 August 25, 2022

To Each Member of the Graduating Class of 2023, Parents and/or Guardians:

Senior year will move quickly and we want each member of the senior class to graduate and participate in

all activities. We are reminding students and their families about the guidelines for participating in

graduation activities. Central Valley High School’s  Student and Parent/Guardian

handbook states, “Students whose social behavior disrupts educational activities or who have failed to

return district property may jeopardize their rights to participate in the graduation ceremony and activities.”

Thus, it is important that you read and review the guidelines below:

Students must meet the following criteria during their senior year:

1. Fulfill all graduation course work requirements June 5, 2023.

2. Complete all make up credits by May 15th, 2023.

3. Maintain appropriate behavior  (Including academic honesty)

4. Maintain good attendance (no 3rd truancy letter).

5. Signed clearance sheet (does not owe money for books, equipment, uniforms, etc.).

6. Attend all scheduled graduation rehearsals and required senior meetings/activities.

7. Refrain from illegal activity, especially those involving senior pranks or defacing school


 If you do not comply with the above criteria, you will not be allowed to participate in the following


 1. Senior Breakfast

 2. Prom

 3. Senior Banquet

 4. Graduation Ceremony

  5. Any other graduation related activity

Please make sure you understand these requirements. Should you have questions, feel free to ask your

Counselor or Administrator.


Alex Lain, Principal


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