Dress Code





Dear Parents/Guardians,


The dress code is established to promote an appropriate and safe learning environment. Any clothing or grooming that in an administrator or designated staff member’s judgment may cause disruption or interfere with normal school operation is prohibited. The student dress code is always under consideration and is subject to change during the school year.

Administratively, we want to spend our time focusing on education and not student discipline or disruption. We appreciate your help and support in this endeavor!

General Dress Code Guidelines


  • Muscle shirts, excessively ripped or loose clothing, bandeaus, bare midriffs or tops that are strapless, see through, off the shoulder, backless (including halter tops), or having plunging necklines are not permissible. All tops must have shoulder straps.

  • Due to continuing and increased efforts to promote a safe environment and identifying our own students both indoors and outdoors throughout the school day, hats, head coverings and/or bandanas/headbands are prohibited. If hair needs to be held out of a student’s eyes, bands should be no larger than 1/2 inches. On designated dress up days, activities and extracurricular events, approved hats are permissible.

  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be a suitable length. We do not prescribe to the “fingertip test” as a general rule. However, shorts must be school appropriate. Any clothing considered inappropriate will not be permitted.

  • Pants, shorts, slacks, and skirts must be free of tears or holes that are visible to the skin. All tears must be covered or reinforced with solid colored fabric that is clearly identifiable. Students will be asked to change if a hole or any clothing item is deemed too large or inappropriate by staff.
  • Sleepwear (pajamas, slippers) is not permitted.

  • Blankets and flags cannot be used to walk about school during school  hours. Jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts should be used to keep students warm.

  • No clothing or accessories that:

  •  Contain messages that are sexually suggestive, promote violence/intolerance or potentially incite conflict.

  • Denote/advertise gang affiliation, cult affiliation, or any profane or racially offensive item.

  • Advertise or promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.

  • Advertise gang affiliation (e.g., bandanas, doo rags, etc.).

  • Dog collars, spikes, heavy chains, and dog chains are not to be worn as jewelry, belts, or wallet extensions.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Open toed shoes are permitted unless deemed a safety concern (lab classes, welding, culinary, etc.)

  • Sagging pants are not permitted. Undergarments must be covered. Undergarments shall not replace straps.

  • Sunglasses may not be worn indoors.


Dress Code Violations


The faculty and administration will enforce the policy governing dress and grooming uniformly. The Dress Code applies whether the student is standing or sitting. It shall be the responsibility of the professional staff to determine the appropriateness of attire for all school occasions. Students involved in extracurricular activities may be held to a higher standard by the coach/sponsor as a requirement to participate. When violations of these guidelines occur, parents will be notified and requested to bring appropriate apparel to school.

 On occasion, the parent could be asked to take the student home for the day. When parents are unavailable, the student will not be permitted to return to class unless in uniform with the dress code. Students unable to comply will be sent to the office and given consequences.

 However, students abiding by the dress code will be able to experience a productive and awesome school year at Central Valley High School!


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