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MARCH 2023                      PO BOX 555, SHASTA LAKE, CA 96019-0555                      VOLUME  51

Our President’s Message for the Alumni!

Jean Naylor - President

Hello Central Valley, High School Alumni Members, Happy New Year to every one of you. I want to thank all of you for being Alumni members. I would like to encourage you to remember to keep your membership dues up to date. I sometimes forget to pay on time. If we all can try to do this, we would not have to have fundraiser in or to raise the funds we need to help pay for scholarships, plus help the school, the sports teams and the various clubs that come to us for help financially.

In September we had our second annual fundraiser. Before COVID 19 hit the entire world and changed everyone’s daily routine, the Alumni Board decided to have one big fundraiser each year on the 3rd Saturday in September. This is to replace the small fundraisers during the year. This year’s fundraiser was so much fun. The Alumni board cooked barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs with chips and drinks, and of course, cookies. We had a nice turn out.

The fundraiser was held at Ron Hale Memorial Stadium. (CVHS Football Field).

We are hoping that each year on the 3rd Saturday in September, we can have this Annual Fundraiser for Class Reunions  Classes can plan to save this weekend for their reunions and our annual get together. This year even though I was very busy, I decided to take it upon myself to send out cards to each of our classmates from the classes of 59’ 60’ & 61’ inviting them to come for the entire weekend and have ourselves a mini reunion, the response was good and we had a great time.

For those of us that were in town on Friday night, we all got together at the Pizza Factory for a very nice get-together. We ate pizza and had drinks. I made a nice dessert that everyone seemed to enjoy. We talked and looked at memorabilia, newspaper clippings, yearbooks, etc. I was so thrilled that so many showed up. This was not the end of our fun. We had a barbecue at my oldest son (Ronnie’s) Family Ranch. I made so much food and of course more dessert. Everyone brought whatever they wanted to barbecue for meat. These classes have been together since the 1958 school year. The first three classes at Central Valley have always been a very close-knit group. The school was so small back then and we became very close friends over the years.

In the years since our school has had an Alumni Association. We have been able to give out more than $270,000 in scholarships to Central Valley High School’s most deserving students. The funds helped them to continue their education. We are so immensely proud of each one student and to the Alumni that have given us their support in their endeavors.

I would like to take this opportunity to send a BIG Thank You to all my classmates who so graciously sent donations to the Alumni. You are so very special to all your classmates. Just our three classes totaled over $1000. You are just the best! GO FALCONS.

Please remember to reserve the 3rd Saturday in September open this year for our BIG FUNDRAISER.  It will be something to Remember as we all age together. No matter if you are young or old, we all do age.

Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support. With much love and best wishes. 

Keep Jean in your prayers as she is taking care of her daughter Becky, Class of 1985 who just recently had open heart surgery at UC Davis. Jean is going to have to step back from her duties as President for a while as she takes care of Becky. She is also going to have knee replacement surgery sometime soon.

Scholarship Winners of 2022

Trinity Mathis is attending Shasta College.

Alex Hanus is attending Shasta College.

Kylee Anderson is attending Shasta College. She was able to find time to help the Falcon band at the football games and help with the music class, too.

Zoey Burns is attending UC Santa Barbara.

Angel Martinez Sanchez is attending Chico State and working hard helping his family with the restaurant. He did a fantastic job helping the Alumni with the Reunion Fundraiser. Thank you, Angel.

Adam Little-Varga is attending UCLA and has been busy helping with many various organizations.

Raymi Rogers is attending the University of Wyoming and is enjoying the winter weather. She came home for Christmas. She helped as Camp Counselor for Shasta Leadership Camp that teaches students how to stay away from drugs and be a positive influence at school. 

Jaden Walczak is attending UC San Diego.

Janie Winsor-Ward is attending Simpson University. 

Breanna Mackie (Henry), Class of 2011!

Bre Mackie (Henry) is the new Head Volleyball coach at the University of Mississippi. Bre is a graduate of Long Beach State where she played volleyball and was an All-American. She also played volleyball in Sweden and the Philippines. Bre, all the best to you for a great future.

Congratulations to Parker Harrell, Class of 2017!

Parker is the Southwestern Idaho Regional Director for United States Senator Mike Crapo. Parker ran Senator Crapo’s successful re-election campaign. All our best to Parker in his new position.

Jesse Torum Rogers, Class of 1992!

Jesse Rogers was honored by the California Highway Patrol as Officer of the Year for his Investigative Service Unit in Redding, CA. Jesse and Tonya, we are so incredibly happy and proud of you both. They are also proud to be expecting a new grandchild soon.

Mahala Rogers (Woodward), Class of 2019!

Mahala was sworn in as a Shasta County Juvenile Probation Officer and is also going to give Jesse and Tonya a grandson at the end of April 2023. Her husband Hunter is not a CHP. He is a police officer for the City of Redding. That gives the Rogers’ family three law officers all working here in Shasta County. Thanks to all of you for your efforts to keep us safe.


Central Valley High School Alumni Association

PO Box 555

Shasta Lake, CA 96019-0555

Central Valley High School Alumni Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization incorporated July 1, 1992, operated exclusively for the benefit of students, student programs, faculty, staff, and alumni of Central Valley High School and to promote the school as much as possible to the community, state, and world.

Board of Directors for 2023!


Jean Hampton (Naylor), Class of 1961


Val Peterson (Cantwell), Class of 1972


Don Spurgeon, Sr., Class of 1964


Edra Wilhelmy (Dobyns), Class of 1967

Board Members

Tonya Eifert (Rogers), Class of 1993

Lisa Ellis (Ernst), Class of 1993

Skip Green, Class of 1968

Dee North (Kyle), Class of 1968

Ron Parker (DeCamp), Class of 1965


Please Notify Us of Any Changes in Your Mailing Address, Phone Number and E-Mail Address!

Also Check Out the Alumni Pages at the Central Valley High School website:

Please do not join the Central Valley High School Alumni Newsletter that is sent to you via e-mail as it is not a part of the Central Valley High School Alumni Association. I have asked them to not use our name, but they purchased the website name and can use it. I see that several of our alumni have joined them but hopefully they will send us their dues instead of the money sent to this site. You can get the information from us without costing you.

We do ask the permission of all our alumni before we give out their information to anyone. We would love for all our alumni to join the Alumni Association as the money we raise goes to help support our scholarships, help the school, students, faculty, and staff. Also remember that monies donated are tax deductible too. The Alumni Association also has some copies of yearbooks that we sell for $40.00 each plus shipping and handling. We do have all the yearbooks on USB sticks for $15.00 per school year plus shipping and handling.

There are many of our classmates, faculty and staff who have passed away. Please go to the CVHS Alumni Memorial page to look at all of them. They are listed by Class Year. The Faculty and Staff are listed under the Golden Falcons by name. If you know of someone who has passed away that is not on the Alumni Memorial Page, please let us know. If you see someone who is listed on the Memorial Page who is not deceased, please let us know that, too.


Our Lifetime Members as of 3/1/2023!

Judy Arrasmith (Whalley), Brad Ashburn, Harry Thomas Ault, Greg Balkovek, Jeannie Benoist, Mike Bishop, Cathy Blew (Feyerherm), Gary Bohn, Bill & Karen Brobst, Bill & Darlene Brown, Brian Bucher, Joe Cilenti, Steve Cilenti, Alan Crabtree, Father Dan Carter, Jill Darcangelo (Godsey), Chris VanMol (Hampton), Eric Hoppes, Glen Kuehne, Mary Lavoie (Yeates), Robert Layne, Lori Leech (Rishton), Phil Lewis, Karen & Scott (Louis), Dominique Monie, Dee North (Kyle), Dr. George Parrott, Val Peterson (Cantwell), Stephen Pohlmeyer, Dr. Bill Polf, Thomas Radtke, Kay & Sharon Rendahl, Mike Ricks, Jean Roberts (Mallory), Phil Sawtell, Barbara Simonick (Islas), Jerry Tenney, John Tetens, Larry Todd, Greg Watkins and Judy Weissberg (Ortiz). Thank all of you for your support of the Alumni Association.


Lauren Kalsbeek, Class of 2021!

Lauren is at the end of her third semester at Widener University. She will be a junior this spring semester. She is taking courses in Thermodynamics, Dynamics, Computer Science, Engineering Economics and Deformable Bodies. She is on a course to complete her bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in four years. She is planning to add two minors – one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. She has a 3.9 GPA and is working as a math tutor and tour guide. She is also president of her sorority Alpha Omega Epsilon, and treasurer of three clubs. She continues to swim for the University and is an integral part of the team as she swims on the top relay team in four events along with her individual freestyle events. She will be swimming in the championship meets in February. She should change her name to “Wonder Woman.” Congratulations, Lauren, we are so enormously proud of you and all that you have accomplished so far, we cannot wait to see what you do with the rest of your life. Her sister Catlin, Class of 2016 is an engineer and works for Geico Engineering as the sales director and does engineering for them. Their Mom Lisa teaches at Central Valley.

Congratulations to Isabelle Haeckel, Class of 2017!

Isabelle has completed her master’s degree in social work clinical children, Youth and Family from the University of Southern California. She is working with Northern Valley Catholic Social Services as an associate clinical social worker. Issy’s brother Raymond, Class of 2020, is at Humbolt State University. Her sister Savannah, Class of 2022, works at Burger King in Shasta Lake. Her younger brother Simon will be in the Class of 2024. All the best to all the Haeckel family. Mom Catherine and Dad John have volunteered many hours helping Central Valley High School at the snack bar and with the Boosters’ Club. All the best to you in your future.

Congratulations to Jeff Janulewicz, Class of 2007!

Jeff has been promoted to manager of the Costco store in Redmond, Oregon. Jeff is married and has two children. Our best wishes to all the Janulewicz family for a great future in Redmond.

Congratulations to Dylan Janulewicz, Class of 2012!

Dylan has been promoted to manager of the Les Schwab Tire store in Reno, NV. Dylan is married and has a daughter. Our best to all the Janulewicz family for a great future in Reno.

Congratulations to Donald Spurgeon II, Class of 1990!

Don retired from the California Correctional Service as Captain at the end of October 2022. He and his wife Jennifer (Hammond) Spurgeon, Class of 1992 and son Jordon have moved back to the Redding area to help Jennifer’s mother with care for her ailing stepfather, who has been ill. Don has been busy remodeling a home for the three of them. It has taken him a little longer than expected due to the availability of help with some expert plumbers and electricians work he has experienced. Our best wishes to the Spurgeon family on their bright future in retirement!

Congratulations to Carl Skinner, Class of 1968!

Carl Skinner won the Harold Biswell Lifetime Achievement Award. The Association for Fire Ecology awarded Carl the award for 2022 for his significant contribution to fire ecology and management in the western United States. Carl is a retired research geographer with the US Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station in Redding. Carl is the author or co-author of over eighty scientific publications that focus on forestry ecology and fire science. He was the lead scientist in charge of the Redding laboratory before his retirement in 2014. Carl, we are all very proud of you for getting this award. All our best to you and your future.

Phil Lewis Class of 1967

Phil Lewis is on the Gateway Unified School District Board of Supervisors. Phil has been serving on the Board for several years but this year he is working hard to help keep the Board going in the right direction for all our students. Phil has two new granddaughters this year, too. Phil we are enormously proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Keep up the splendid work on behalf of all the Gateway students.

Anna Lewis, Class of 2016!

Anna was home on leave, and she decided to spend part of her time at the Gateway Unified School Board meetings and voice her support for the community by telling the new Board members what the schools in the Gateway Unified School District had done for her. She oversees the Supply department of one of the largest supply ships in the Merchant Marine fleet which supplies the United States Navy with fuel, weapons, and other needed supplies. She is also a LTJG in the US Naval Reserves. Thank you, Anna, for your service to the United States. You make us all proud of you.

Jillian Kern, Class of 2010!

Jillian was home from University of North Carolina where she is working to get her doctorate degree in English. She said that she would let us know as soon as she completes her degree. It is always great to see our former classmates succeed in their goals. Mom Cinnamon, Class of 1985 is a teacher at Central Valley. All the best to the Kern family.

Congratulations to Candace Kingston Class of 2013!

Candace is a charge nurse of the ICU at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto and is getting married to Jacob Lattimore. Her brother Kevin, Class of 2018 is an officer in the US Navy stationed in Everett, WA on the destroyer DDG-53 the John Paul Jones for sea duty very soon, hopefully he will be able to attend the wedding. All the best to the happy couple for a bright future and to brother Kevin for a great future in the Navy.

Congratulations to Robert Edsall, Class of 2005!

Robert and his wife Megan are the proud parents of a new baby girl (Emma). All our best to the happy family. They live in Louisiana.

Congratulations to Wylie Kathleen Ernst, Class of 2015!

Wylie is planning a June 24, 2023 wedding to her fiancé Isaac Hines. Wylie is working at Central Valley High School in the office. Wylie’s Dad and Mom are Central Valley High School Alumni as are all three of her brothers. Alexander, Brendon, and Korben. All our best to the happy couple and the Ellis and Ernst families.

Congratulations to Allison Morrow (Provincio), Class of 2014!

Allison is the proud Mom to a new baby boy Nash. She lives in Redding with her husband and daughter Sophia who is two and ½ years old. Grandpa Bob, Class of 1962 and Grandma Rae are immensely proud of all the Morrow and Provincio families. 

Congratulations to Susan Steelman, Class of 2016!

Susan has two boys, Mason four-years old and little brother Isaac one-year old. They are buying a home in Redding. All our best to the wonderful family.

Congratulations to Kyle Anderson, Class of 2005!

Coach Kyle Anderson is the proud father of a baby girl. All our best to the proud father and mother. 

Thank You Kory Scharton, Class of 2000!

A great big Thank you to Kory Scharton. Kory is the Librarian at Central Valley High School, and she is the person that puts up all the items for the Alumni Association on the school’s website. 

The class of 1983 is holding their 40-Year Reunion!

The Class of 1983 is holding their 40-Year Reunion at the Lake starting on June 17, 2023, and going through the weekend. Anyone that wants more information can get it by going to Facebook for the Class of 1983. Anyone who wants to rent a boat or houseboat from Bridge Bay be sure and check with Lorie Train (Garey) at [email protected] She works at Bridge Bay and can help you get a discount.

Classes of 1992 through 1997 Reunion!

The Classes of 1992 through 1997 are planning a combined Reunion for June 28 through 30, 2023. For more information check out the Central Valley High School Facebook page.

Central Valley High School Alumni Association Needs Board Members!

The Central Valley High School Alumni Association is in need of at least three people to help out as Board members. If you are willing to help us, please contact Don Spurgeon at [email protected] or call 530-275-5031. We meet once a month for about ninety minutes. 

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