AUGUST  2023                      PO BOX 555, SHASTA LAKE, CA 96019-0555                      VOLUME  52

Scholarship Winners of 2023!

We would not have money to give to the Scholarship Winners every year if it were not for the great Alumni Members who give the money for our scholarships. We want to thank each one who funds a scholarship. Harry Ault, Class of 1983, Jeannie Benoit, Class of 1989, Brian Bucher, Class of 1983, Walt Fehliman, teacher, and son Mike Fehliman, Class of 1988, Dr. George Parrott, Class of 1961, Stephen Pohlmeyer, Class of 2000, Nancy Rudd, Class of 1984, Natalie Strohmayer (Crowder), Class of 1968, Jerry Tenney, Class of 1966. We appreciate all the people who generously contributed to the Rosie Tallerico Memorial Scholarship. In addition to the monies raised at the 2nd Annual Reunion Fundraiser last September helped fund three additional scholarships this year. This past spring, we gave $18,000.00 in scholarships to the Class of 2023. THANK YOU!

The Sondra Ault scholarship winner is Emma Priddy. Emma had a 3.67 GPA. She plans to attend Shasta College to become a registered nurse. Emma worked at Baskin-Robbins. She was involved with FFA, ASB, academic tutoring, and a counselor at Shasta Youth Leadership camp. She was a cheerleader, ran track and played softball. All the best to you in your future.

The Tom Ault scholarship winner is Dawson Hill. Dawson had a 4.16 GPA. He plans to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to become a civil engineer. Dawson’s dad, mom and several family members are CVHS Alumni. He ran track, played baseball, basketball, and football. All our best to you in your future.

The Benoist Family scholarship winner is Ramala Clarke-Scholfield. Ramala had a 4.22 GPA. She plans to attend the University of Hawaii, Hilo to become an astronomer. She worked at Chuck E. Cheese. She was involved with the Key Club, Environmental Club, an academic tutoring. She also worked in blood drives and backpack stuffing. She played basketball. All our best wishes to you in your future.

The Bucher Design scholarship winner is Kennedy Lain. Kennedy had a 4.41 GPA. She plans to attend UC Merced to get a degree in civil engineering. Kennedy’s dad, mom, aunt, and two uncles are graduates of Central Valley. Her brother Aidan is a freshman and yes, her mother is Alexandra Lain the current principal. She participated in ASB, Key Club, Environmental Club and Equality Club. She played basketball and tennis. She ran track and cross-country. Her grandpas were in the Army and Navy. All our best to you in your future.

The Kaye Fehliman Memorial scholarship winner is Karlee Hale. Karlee had a 4.44 GPA. She plans to attend Shasta College to become a Civil Engineer. Karlee’s dad Jake, Class of 1995 and sister Kaylee, Class of 2021 are both graduates of CVHS as was her grandpa Ron, Class of 1965 (who the football stadium is named for), and so many uncles, aunts, and cousins. Her mother is Tara Hale, the CVHS office manager. She is current ASB President, involved with Key Club, FFA, SYLC, and academic tutoring. She played basketball and volleyball. All our best to you in your future.

The George Parrott Valedictorian scholarship winner is Trinity Gibson. Trinity had a 4.88 GPA. She plans to attend Oregon Institute of Technology to get a degree in sonography and become a radiologist. Her brother Dalton, Class of 2018, is a CVHS graduate. She was Secretary of ASB, involved with Key Club, FFA and Indian Education. She helped with Wreaths Across America, school blood drives and creek clean-ups. She worked for Karen Roberts for up to 20 hours per week. She played basketball and volleyball. She ran track. Her grandpa Joe was in the Air Force. All our best to you in your future.

The Harold and Julia Pohlmeyer scholarship winner is Kendall Campbell. Kendall had a 4.39 GPA. She plans to attend UC Davis to get a degree in communication business marketing. Kendall’s dad Jason, Class of 1991, mom Joelle, Class of 1993, brother Caden, Class of 2018, Aunt Colette Wilson (current Business Office Manager for Gateway Unified School District), Class of 1990, are all CVHS graduates. She works up to 20 hours at Damburger. She is involved with ASB, Key Club, and server at Dinner Theater. She played basketball and volleyball. She ran track and cross country. Her grandfather Charles was in the Navy. All our best to you in your future.

The Randy Rudd Memorial scholarship winner is Riley Nemchick. Riley had a 4.43 GPA. She plans to attend UC Berkley to get a degree in business management. Her dad is Brad Nemchick. Who has taught English for years at CVHS, as well as being the tennis coach. Her brother Ken, Class of 2020. She played tennis all four years and softball. She works at Pizza Factory. All our best to you in your future.

The Don and Rosemary Spurgeon scholarship winner is Kathy Lee. Kathy had a 3.98 GPA. She plans to attend California State Sacramento to get a degree in nursing. She wants to be a labor and delivery nurse. She has a sister Allison, Class of 2012, and a Cousin Meuy Saelee, Class of 2012. She works at The Vistas assisted living and memory care as a dietary aide. She was in the Key Club, FFA and academic tutoring. She played volleyball all four years. All our best to you in your future.

The Larry Stanfield Memorial scholarship winner is Abimael Jimenez. Abimael had a 3.87 GPA. He plans to attend Shasta College to get a degree in business. He works at Casa Ramos. He was in Key Club, Environment Club, Link Crew, and academic tutoring. He played soccer for all four years. All our best to you in your future.

The Natalie Strohmayer (Crowder), scholarship winner is Aiden Little-Varga. Aiden had a 4.46 GPA. He plans to attend Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to get a degree in civil engineering. He wants to design streets and development projects. His brother is Adam, Class of 2022. He works at Carl’s Jr. He was a Key Club, Link Crew, Women’s Empowerment, Dungeon’s and Dragons, Chess Club member and academic tutoring. All our best to you in your future.

The Rosie Tallerico Memorial scholarship winner is Bobby Rutledge. Bobby had a 4.33 GPA. He plans to attend Simpson University to get a degree in history and psychology to become a teacher. His grandmother Linda Lee, Class of 1964, cousins, Austin Colacino, Class of 2021, Seth Jackson, Class of 2018, Collin Jackson, Class of 2022. He started the Dungeon’s & Dragons Club. He was in Key Club, FFA, Link Crew, Women’s Empowerment Club, Robotics Club, Publishing Club, and Bible Club. He was the school’s representative to the Gateway School Board. He was the Damboree’s Student of the Year for 2023. All our best to you in your future.

The Albert and Muriel Weissberg Memorial scholarship winner is Jenalee Nguyen. Jenalee had a 4.43 GPA. She plans to attend the University of California at Santa Cruz. She plans to get a degree in computer science to become a game engineer to develop software for video games. She did academic tutoring and the Environmental and Science Bowl Clubs. She played tennis and was a swim team member. All our best to you in your future.

The Alumni Association scholarship winner is Kaylee Clevenger. Kaylee had a 3.76 GPA. She plans to attend Shasta College to get a degree in agriculture. She plans to be a veterinary technician. She was in FFA, Music and an Academic tutor. She was a cheerleader. All our best to you in your future.

The Alumni Association scholarship winner is Christina Montreuil. Christina had a 3.83 GPA. She plans to go to Cal-Poly Humbolt State to get a degree in Fisheries Management. She wants to help manage the fish population to help provide fish for food and sporting events. She works at Bridge Bay Resorts as a loadout employee. She was in the Interact Club, Key Club, Link Crew, Women’s Empowerment Club, Publishing Club, Bible Club, Chess Club and the Dungeon’s and Dragons Club. She was a member of the swim team, track team, soccer team and tennis team. All our best to you in your future.

The Alumni Association scholarship winner is Ryan Phan-Fong. Ryan had a 4.07 GPA. He plans to attend Cal-Poly Humboldt State to get a degree in illustration, digital art, or graphic design. He wants to be a game designer. He has a brother Travis, Class of 2020. He works at Subway. He was a member of the Dungeon’s and Dragons Club. All our best to you in your future.


Central Valley High School Alumni Association

PO Box 555

Shasta Lake, CA 96019-0555

Central Valley High School Alumni Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization incorporated July 1, 1992, operated exclusively for the benefit of students, student programs, faculty, staff, and alumni of Central Valley High School and to promote the school as much as possible to the community, state, and world.

Board of Directors for 2023!


Jean Hampton (Naylor), Class of 1961


Val Peterson (Cantwell), Class of 1972


Don Spurgeon, Sr., Class of 1964


Edra Wilhelmy (Dobyns), Class of 1967

Board Members

Tonya Eifert (Rogers), Class of 1993

Skip Green, Class of 1968

Dee North (Kyle), Class of 1968

Ron Parker (DeCamp), Class of 1965

Janice Powell, Class of 1975

Please Notify Us of Any Changes in Your Mailing Address, Phone Number and E-Mail Address!

Also Check Out the Alumni Pages at the Central Valley High School website:

The CVHS Alumni pages can be accessed by going to the Quick Link section of the website.

If you wish to order any CVHS, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, or other gear at the bottom of the opening page under “What’s Happening” you can find CVHS Falcon Gear, with pictures and prices.

Please do not join the Central Valley High School Alumni Newsletter that is sent to you via e-mail as it is not a part of the Central Valley High School Alumni Association. I have asked them to not use our name, but they purchased the website name and can use it. I see that several of our alumni have joined them but hopefully they will send us their dues instead of the money sent to this site. You can get the information from us without costing you.

We do ask the permission of all our alumni before we give out their information to anyone. We would love for all our alumni to join the Alumni Association as the money we raise goes to help support our scholarships, help the school, students, faculty, and staff. Also remember that monies donated are tax deductible too. The Alumni Association also has some copies of yearbooks that we sell for $40.00 each plus shipping and handling. We do have all the yearbooks on USB sticks for $15.00 per school year plus shipping and handling.

There are many of our classmates, faculty and staff who have passed away. Please go to the CVHS Alumni Memorial page to look at all of them. They are listed by Class Year. The Faculty and Staff are listed under the Golden Falcons by name. If you know of someone who has passed away that is not on the Alumni Memorial Page, please let us know. If you see someone who is listed on the Memorial Page who is not deceased, please let us know that, too.

Our Lifetime Members as of 3/1/2023!

Judy Arrasmith (Whalley), Brad Ashburn, Harry Thomas Ault, Greg Balkovek, Jeannie Benoist, Mike Bishop, Cathy Blew (Feyerherm), Gary Bohn, Bill & Karen Brobst, Bill & Darlene Brown, Brian Bucher, Joe Cilenti, Steve Cilenti, Alan Crabtree, Father Dan Carter,  Ron DeCamp (Parker), Jill Darcangelo (Godsey), Chris VanMol (Hampton), Eric Hoppes, Glen Kuehne, Mary Lavoie (Yeates), Robert Layne, Lori Leech (Rishton), Phil Lewis, Karen & Scott (Louis), Dominique Monie, Dee North (Kyle), Dr. George Parrott, Val Peterson (Cantwell), Stephen Pohlmeyer, Dr. Bill Polf,  Janice Powell, Thomas Radtke, Sharon Rendahl, Mike Ricks, Jean Roberts (Mallory), Phil Sawtell, Barbara Simonick (Islas), Jerry Tenney, John Tetens, Larry Todd, Greg Watkins and Judy Weissberg (Ortiz). Thank all of you for your support of the Alumni Association.

Janice Powell, Class of 1975!

Janice Powell is our newest Board Member. Janice is also on the Shasta Lake City Council. She has two brothers that are also CVHS Alumni. Janice is also a Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association. Janice, thank you for your help and support of the Alumni Association.

Congratulations Justin Jones, Class of 1979!

Justin was elected in November of 2022 to the City Council of Shasta Lake. We now have three Alumni that are now serving to guide our wonderful city. Justin is also a member of the Alumni Association.

Congratulations to Mike Green, Class of 1962!

Mike is a retired teacher and wonderful                    photographer, was awarded an honor from the Tulare County Historical Society for his wonderful photos in November 2022. Mike’s parents used to own the Big Dipper restaurant on Shasta Dam Blvd and Montana Street. Though there have been many different owners and name changes, the building and memories remain of the best burgers and chocolate shakes. Mike’s brother Gary was one of the first Alumni Association Board Members. Congratulations Mike on the award. 

Congratulations to Melissa Copeland (Denon), Class of 2008!

Missy and husband Corey are expecting a little boy this October 5, 2023. He has a big sister already. Our best to all the Denon. Grandpa and Grandma Copeland are immensely proud and excited. 

Congratulations to Aaron Dunagan and Christina Mountreuil, Class of 2023!

Aaron proposed to Christina before he left for Fort Moore in Georgia for his induction into the United States Army. No wedding date is set yet, but we will let you know when that is going to happen. We know it cannot happen for the next nine to ten weeks anyway as that is the length of basic training and it will also depend on whether Aaron gets sent to another training school before he gets to come home. All our best to the happy couple.

Susan Steelman (Packer), Class of 2016!

Susan works in the Optics department in the new Costco store. Susan has two boys, Mason, and Isaac. All our best to all the Steelman and Packer families. 

Holly Shaw (Jones), Class of 1995!

Holly is the Communications coordinator for the Anderson Cascade school district. She also has a daughter Bryn who graduated from Cottonwood middle school class of 2023. She will be attending West Valley High School next year. Holly, it was great seeing you. All our best to you and your family.

Central Valley High School had five new teachers for the 2023 school year!

Mr. Paul Bigelow, our history teacher, comes to us from Shasta High School. Welcome to CVHS. We wish you all the best.

Mr. Jeremy Gilbert, the robotics teacher, was an electrician. Welcome to CVHS. We wish you all the best.

Mrs. Stacy Hardesty, the FFA and agriculture teacher, raises cattle and sheep with her husband. Welcome to CVHS. We wish you all the best.

Mr. John Johnston, the Math teacher, was the maintenance director for the City of Redding. Welcome to CVHS. We wish you all the best.

Mrs. Kati Kaizen, the Science teacher, comes to us from southern California so she can start a mini farm. Welcome to CVHS. We wish you all the best.

We are losing our band teacher Jeff Hayman, and Samantha Cassingham our Athletic Director. We will miss you both. All the best in your future.

Congratulations to Kathryn Grove (Parsons), Class of 1996!

Kati is moving from Grand Oaks School as Principal to Shasta Lake School as the new Principal. She will be taking over as of August 9, 2023. All the best to you in your new position. We love to see our alumni teaching in our schools and working int the Gateway Unified School District.

Raegan Breedlove, Class of 2020 helped University of Oregon Ducks Softball team to 37-17 record for 2023!

Raegan Breedlove appeared in 18 games for the Oregon Ducks softball team this season. Raegan was a junior this season. While not one of her better seasons, she did get 2 wins for the Ducks. They also made it to the World Series of Women’s Softball but lost to the Oklahoma State Cowboys. We pray for a better senior season Raegan.

Eric West, Class of 1997!

Eric West lives in Gaffney, South Carolina and is the manager of the Walmart Distribution Center there. Eric is married to Krystal, and they have two children. His sister Michele, Class of 1995, is an architect. She lives in Florida. Mom Deb and dad Earl have moved to Gaffney too, so they could be near the family. All our best to the West’s.

The Erwin Family Kimber, Ryan, and Julie!

Please pray for the Erwin family as their mother Anita is having health problems. Kimber, Class of 1994, Ryan, Class of 1998 and Julie, Class of 1999 all still live in the Redding area. Kimber owns the Blue Iris Quilt Shop in Palo Cedro. She is married to Dave Rickey. Dave teaches at UPrep, and their daughter Brea just graduated from there. Ryan is married and lives in Redding. Julie lives in Redding and teaches at Mountain View elementary. All the best to Erwin’s.

The class of 1983 held their 40-Year Reunion!

The Class of 1983 held their 40-Year Reunion at the Lake starting on June 17, 2023, and went through the weekend. Many of them meet up at the Klondike Club in Lakehead. Anyone that wants more information can get it by going to Facebook for the Class of 1983. Anyone who wants to rent a boat or houseboat from Bridge Bay be sure and check with Lorie Train (Garey) at [email protected] She works at Bridge Bay and can help you get a discount.

Class of 1973’s 50-Year Reunion!

The Class of 1973 has planned their 50-Year Reunion for the weekend of Saturday, September 16, 2023. For more information or to help, please contact Pamela Renee Priest (Coats) at (530) 515-8629 or [email protected] or Denise Christiansen (Lewis) at (530) 941-6389 or [email protected]

Classes of 1992 through 1997 Reunion!

For more information go to their website and check it out to find the date, time, and location.

Central Valley High School Alumni Association 3rd Annual Reunion Fundraiser!

The Central Valley High School Alumni Association Reunion Fundraiser will be held in Claire Engle Park in Shasta Lake on Saturday, September 16, 2023, from 11:00 AM until 5:00 PM. This event will be open to everyone that wants to come out and support the Alumni Association. We need to raise at least $4000.00 this year. We need funds for mailing out the Alumni newsletters and to continue to support scholarships and other events, clubs, and sports at CVHS. This year there will be food trucks to provide food and beverages to purchase. There will be beer and wine available for the adults who wish to consume them. The music will be provided by Jean Naylor and Bob Carlini and other music. We will still have tours of the high school for those who would like to take a nostalgic trip to the past and to see all the new additions to the school. Alexandria Delles (Lain), Class of 1998 has agreed to give the tours. She has put up a new reader board at the high school that is very colorful, and it does so much more than the old one. Thank you, Alex. There will be 50/50 drawings and several different prize baskets that you can bid on. The main things we want you to bring are yourself, your spouse (if you have one), friends and family, chairs, and blankets to sit on to have a “FUN DAY”!  It is always a wonderful time to renew friendships and help support your favorite high school.

The Central Valley High School Alumni Association has been able to help raise over $200,000 for scholarships since we started giving out scholarships in 1994. Thanks to all our generous Alumni Association donors over the last 29 years. God bless you all and I am sure that the recipients of the scholarships would all say Thank you too. Seeing the happy faces of those receiving a scholarship and the appreciation from the clubs and organizations looking for funds for support makes your contributions work wonders. The original Board of Directors were President - Darlene Louis (Brown), Class of 1960, Vice-President - Marlys Pederson (Barbosa), Class of 1960, Treasurer -Alberta Wyatt (Ferguson), Class of 1963, Secretary – Don Spurgeon, Board Members – Mike Bishop, Class of 1964, Melody Ellis (Christenson), Class of 1964, Gary Green, Class of 1963, and Pennie Johnson (Goodwin), Class of 1965. 


Shasta Lake Historical Society Dinner!

The Shasta Lake Historical Society Dinner will be held on Friday Night, September 15, 2023. The dinner, cost and menu can be obtained by calling the Shasta Lake Historical Society at (530) 275-3995. The dinner reservations are limited so be sure to call early. The staff are all volunteers so it may take some time to contact them. The museum is located at 1525 Median Street in the City of Shasta Lake, CA. They are off the main street, Shasta Dam Blvd., near Sentry Market. They will also be open on Saturday, September 16, 2023, during our Reunion Fundraiser so that you can add that to your day at the Reunion.

Thank you to the Class Photo Crew!

Sunday, July 23, 2023, the following meet at Ruth Ramsel’s home and took apart the class photos: Mike Deay, Class of 1970, Nina Markham, Class of 1971, Jean Naylor, Class of 1961, Janice Powell, Class of 1975, Rhonda Ramsel, Class of 1972, Val Peterson, Class of 1972 and Don Spurgeon, Class of 1964. This group helped save us $640 on the restoration of the class photos. We are having Crown Camera scan them and reprint all the class photos. Many of the class photos have started to yellow and we want to be able to keep them, for future generations of students an alum to enjoy as they are part of all our history. The total cost was going to be almost $7000 dollars. Thank all of you for taking the time to help save the Alumni Association some money.

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PO BOX 555

Shasta Lake, CA 96019-0555



Enclosed are my dues in the amount of $________(Annual dues are Alumni-$25.00), (Associate-$12.00), Lifetime memberships are:

1955-1969, $300.00, 1970-1979-$400.00, 1980-1989-$500.00, 1990-1999-$600.00, 2000-2009-$700.00, $2010-2022-$800.00.

Name: _____________________________________(Maiden)_________________________Year I Graduated____________

Street Address:_________________________________________City:____________________________State:____________

Zip Code: _______________Cell Phone: ____________________________E-Mail Address: ____________________________

My Occupation/business is:________________________________________________________________________________

I would like to help CVHS and the Alumni Association by: (Circle all you are interested in helping with)

 1; Talking to students about my occupation or business          2. Donating: _____________________________________

3. Working on special projects: ___________________             4. Writing/Editing articles for the Newsletter.

5.  Fundraising: ________________________________             6. Other ideas to help the Alumni Association: ___________



Donations to the Central Valley High School Alumni Association are tax-deductible: Tas ID# 68-0278114.  (8/2023)

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