Policies & Guidelines



Prior to participation in extra-curricular activities, students and a parent/guardian must sign and return a form acknowledging their awareness of the requirements for participation. The extra-curricular code and the acknowledgment form will be distributed to interested students and reviewed with those students by a certificated supervising school employee prior to participation. All athletes are subject to random drug testing throughout their season of sport.


High school students are required to attend all student body assemblies unless excused by the administration.

Courteous and dignified behavior at assemblies has been a tradition at Central Valley High School and has earned the praise of many visiting speakers and performers. Talking, booing, whistling, and the use of artificial noise makers in assemblies will not be tolerated. Students who do not conform to acceptable standards of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action.


During the school year, various student organizations sponsor dances on campus. These dances are usually held on Friday or Saturday night and last three hours. The Junior and Senior Prom lasts four hours. Students are not permitted to re-enter the dance once they have left. Any student who violates a school rule while at the dance will be subject to disciplinary action by the administration. Dances are for the students of the high school and their approved guests. Guest passes will be issued at the discretion of the administration. Students may be randomly tested for alcohol at school dances and receive appropriate consequence if positive.

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