College Entrance Exam


PSAT: October of your *Sophomore* or Junior year (Sign-ups through the counseling office)
Pre-ACT: All sophomores will take the Pre-ACT in the spring
  • If you did well on the PSAT and the Pre-ACT, then take the SAT or ACT at the next available exam date your junior year
  • During your junior year, but no later than October of your senior year
  • There is no limit to the amount of times you can take each test, but it is not recommended that you take each more than 3 times
*** SAT and ACT preparation is available free on Platoweb for all Central Valley High School Students. See your counselor***

Test Date

Normal Registration

Late Registration

Online Score Release

Oct 1, 2016

Sep 1, 2016

Sep 16, 2016

Oct 20, 2016

Nov 5, 2016

Oct 7, 2016

Oct 21, 2016

Nov 24, 2016

Dec 3, 2016

Nov 3, 2016

Nov 18, 2016

Dec 22, 2016

Jan 21, 2017

Dec 21, 2016

Jan 3, 2017

Feb 16, 2017

Mar 11, 2017

Feb 10, 2017

Feb 24, 2017

Mar 30, 2017

May 6, 2017

Apr 7, 2017

Apr 21, 2017

May 25, 2017

Jun 3, 2017

May 9, 2017

May 19, 2017

Jun 22, 2017

At any test center. Central Valley High School offers the SAT and the ACT on Saturdays throughout the school year.
Register at the links to the right. Fee waivers are available in the counseling office.


SAT or ACT? Do you know which test is right for you?
Colleges accept both tests equally, so the choice is up to you! Here's what you need to know to compare the exams.
Why Take It

Colleges use SAT scores for admissions and merit-based scholarships.

Colleges use ACT scores for admissions and merit-based scholarships.

Test Structure
  • Math

  • Reading

  • Writing and Language

Essay (Optional)

  • Math

  • Reading

  • English

  • Science

Essay (Optional)

  • 3 hours (without essay)

  • 3 hours, 50 minutes (with essay)

  • 2 hours, 55 minutes (without essay)

  • 3 hours, 40 minutes (with essay)


5 reading passages

4 reading passages



1 science section testing your critical thinking skills (not your specific science knowledge)

Math Covers:
  • Arithmetic

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry, Trigonometry and Data Analysis

  • Arithmetic

  • Algebra I & II

  • Geometry and Trigonometry


Some math questions don't allow you to use a calculator.

You can use a calculator on all math questions.


Optional. The essay will test your comprehension of a source text.

Optional. The essay will test how well you evaluate and analyze complex issues.

How It's Scored

Scored on a scale of 400–1600

Scored on a scale of 1–36

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